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 Help me choosing cheap hosting provider

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PostSubject: Help me choosing cheap hosting provider   Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:19 pm

Choosing a cheap web hosting provider for my website, I typed " cheap web hosting" in google, and there are so many providers... I suddenly thought that maybe these are not the best hosting providers, but the best marketing specialists? Or resellers? Anyway, I don't believe all those advertising promises.
What I am looking for is a reliable cheap web hosting company, which will provide true 24/7 support, no free domains or unlimited bandwidth or whatever - I just want to know what I am paying for and what I get for this money!
I don't want to move to a new server after a year or less. I don't want to argue with the support team or complain on other forums - all I need is a company which will deliver a quality service for about £3-4 a month. It is a completely affordable price i would pay for my page to exist on the web.
The company that designed my website want me to pay them £25/month, and on first sight I could pay ten times less...
I'm not planning to use a lot of bandwidth or additional domain names, neither a lot of MySQL databases in my account, just need my company website to be stable online and to be able to update it from time to time with some company news - text and pictures.
I prefer a real web hosting company with an office in London, if it is possible. UK IP is a PLUS too.
Also I would like to be able to change to a normal package when I decide, and to be able to pay monthly (I don't trust companies who offer prices for year)
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Help me choosing cheap hosting provider
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